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Here at chubbyking.com, we strive to bring you the best prices avaliable, with the best customer service and treatment out there! Below the banner at the top of the site, you will find a valuable toolbar when navigating chubbyking.com. At any time if you get lost, find your way to this bar and hit that home button! You can also find more information about us under "About", and you can find additional information about prices under "Services". If you ever come up with a question or concern, click on "Contact" for a one on one conversation.
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Many people want to know my gamertag to be my friend on Xbox, however I do not display it publicly as I would be at risk and be vulnerable to rockstar and microsoft. I also appreciate not being spammed on there, as I am usually handling another person's request.
Navigate to the "About", or contact me via "Contact" to ask questions, and I may add it to my site!
Coming soon...
I operate via Central Time
Coming soon...
Coming soon is a monthly newsletter with a recap on anything notiable I've done that particular month.
I live in the time zone of Central, and am usually best able to communicate from 4:45-8:00
However I try my hardest to check my email every couple hours.
A special section you can navigate to to find news about the site/ mods/ lobbies/ prices/ and more!